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Divine possibilities

Divine possibilities

Summer Season
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bEGINS JUNE 14TH- Ends August 25


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Welcome to the Summer Program 2023! Our program is specially designed to provide a holistic approach to children's growth and development, targeting self-growth and academic engagement.

Our mission is to create an environment that fosters imagination, curiosity, and creativity, enabling children to explore their full potential and forge meaningful relationships. Our goal is to expose children to new experiences and interactions that inspire them to think critically, wonder, and create.

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Divine possivilities
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This program is design to do day care with a fun twist!

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Outdoor Activities and field trips are Tbh based on parental approval.

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Art Projects

Team building games!

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Children Draw and Do Handicrafts Together at Summer Camp
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The program is charged on a weekly basis with a cost of

$480 per week per child.

This program for a contract of 10 weeks of Summer from June 14th to August 25th. Child is to complete the program throughout the summer.

Deposit: $75 dollar deposit to hold placement.

Extended day fee may be available at $30 extra fee per hour.

No refunds

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Cost and fees

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Divine possivilities



I am thrilled to lead this journey with a group of exceptional summer adventurers. My name is Thalia Luque, and I am the founder and educator of Divine Possibilities. I have been educating children since 2013 and have always had a passion for teaching and nurturing young minds.

I am a proud graduate of SDSU with two Bachelor's degrees, and have the privilege of working in various settings, including schools, centers, homes, and daycares. I also completed a year-long internship at a child development center in Germany after graduation. Currently, I work as a Resident Visiting Teacher for both the SDUSD and EUD.

It is my honor to work with children and explore the world with them. I am excited about what this summer holds and look forward to sharing this experience with your child.

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To fill out an application

Please email me at:


Or call/text me at: